Repelling 101

In this section, Havahart® provides general repelling information. You'll find an overview of how to repel animals, different repellent styles available and answers to all of your general animal repelling questions.

Repelling 101

Why Electronics?

Electronic repellents are the newest innovation in humane animal control, providing convenient, and low-maintenance ways to get rid of nuisance animals. Below, you'll learn why these devices are quickly becoming lawn and garden staples for many wise home and business owners.

They're Versatile

They're Versatile

While traditional repellents contain active ingredients that target a small set of animal species, electronic repellents can repel a wide variety of animals like:

  • deer
  • rabbits
  • birds
  • dogs
  • squirrels
  • opossums
  • cats
  • skunks
  • raccoons
  • groundhogs
  • and more...
They'll Save You Time and Money

They'll Save You Time and Money

Although electronic repellents often carry a greater price tag than traditional repellents, you'll save time and money in the long run.

  • Fewer products are required to repel the range of nuisance animals in your yard.
  • There's no need to reapply.
  • You only need to purchase them once.
They'll Keep Animals Guessing

They'll Keep Animals Guessing

Electronic repellents are portable and can be relocated periodically. This way, animals never get accustomed to their location and don't learn to avoid them.

They're Safe

They're Safe

Electronic repellents eliminate the need to apply harmful chemicals in order to keep animals away. Electronics use eco-friendly modes of repellency, such as:

  • water
  • static shock
  • sound
  • movement
  • ultrasound
  • vibrations

By using electronic repellents, you're never introducing foreign, potentially dangerous materials onto your property or into your home.


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