Repelling 101

In this section, Havahart® provides general repelling information. You'll find an overview of how to repel animals, different repellent styles and answers to your animal repelling questions.

How to Repel
Liquid vs. Granular


Since Havahart® offers a broad line of granular and liquid repellents, we are often asked, ‘When is it best to use a liquid or granular repellent?’ The answer to this question depends on when and where you use the repellent. Most consumers find that they need both granular and liquid in order to achieve total yard protection.


Liquid Repellents

Liquids are versatile and provide direct protection for plants, gardens, and other areas critters like to frequent like garbage cans and bird feeders.

Havahart® repellents dry odorless to humans, so only the animal’s sensitive noses can pick up their scent. For large-scale applications, liquids tend to offer great protection and are easier to apply using a motorized or pump sprayer.


Granular Repellents

Granular repellents are perfect for perimeter treatment. Granular repellents are best to use around the boundaries of gardens, landscaping, or houses to keep critters out. One of the benefits of granular repellents is that they last as long as you can see the pellets. This means that you can easily see when reapplication is needed.

Havahart® repellents are unique in that they are specifically formulated to be long lasting - with most lasting for 1 month in normal weather conditions. Another benefit of granular treatments is that they are better for protecting your plants over the winter months, since most liquid repellents cannot be sprayed in temperatures below 40 degrees.



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