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Best trap ever...

I toss a few sunflower seeds in, and presto, I've got a mouse. Have had it for decades. Cheaper in the long run than poison or snap traps, and it's always ready for use. We enjoy chipmunks, but don't want mice in the kitchen. Trouble free, maintenance free, and very sensitive. Works perfectly.

- Rodento

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Havahart live trap

This trap is simply awesome. Caught everything from cats and groundhogs to skunks. This trap always performs flawlessly from catching said animal to releasing said animal. I highly recommend these live traps. Made in U.S.A too. Live down the street from their facility.

- Jake

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Great trap

Received the cage this afternoon, baited it, and caught the pesky groundhog from under our house with an hour. Moved him to a new location. We couldn't be happier with our new cage.

- Am

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I Am Now a Believer!

To be honest, I wasn't sure these Havahart traps would actually work, but let me tell you - they certainly do! We had become quite frustrated at how quickly the squirrels in our backyard were emptying our birdfeeders. We've had the trap just a few days now, and have already relocated four squirrels to their new homes miles from our house. Thanks Havahart! You make a quality product at an affordable price that actually works, something of a rarity today!

- Lee

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Great product

I've tried for years to stop squirrels from digging up my potted plants! I'm a master gardener so I have upwards of 50 plants on my deck each year. The squirrels were repelled as soon as I put this product out. I put it saucers around my deck so I can keep it dry when I water. It seems to last longer that way without any reapplication. I feel my many years of battle with the squirrels is all but over! Thank you Critter Ridder!

- Jay

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Great product

The Spray Away was very easy to assemble. The sprayer has a lot of power and goes the distance. Our veggies will be safe this season.

- J.B.

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Deer Off trains deer not to like
eat my plants!

I spray Deer Off on all newly planted "Deer Resistant" plants to train the deer not to like them. As head of my community Gardeners Group, I recommend this product to all members and residents who call with questions. I previously used Deer Away.

- Nancy

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Once per year equals NO SNAKES

We used to get snakes in our backyard, patio, and even indoors. We back up to woods so we have deer, turkey and other wildlife as well. Karen applies this to perimeter of backyard every March and for 3 years now we have had no snakes. We love this. Only takes about 30 minutes to do the entire perimeter. If you have snakes, get this and you won't.

- D. Heymann

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Deer Repellent

Have not had any deer sleeping in my yard since I installed the bait stations. Works the best of any repellent I've tried.

- Shirley J. Boyd

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