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Fox Traps

Foxes have always been a primary foe of poultry farmers, and when hungry they may even root through your trash at night in search of a meal. “Out-fox” your fox adversary by using a Havahart® live trap to capture your problem critter without causing it harm.

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    Havahart® X-Large 1-Door Trap
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    Havahart® X-Large 1-Door Trap - 2 Pack

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Trapping Foxes Is Easy with a Havahart® X-Large Trap

A well-constructed, heavy-duty trap is essential when attempting to get rid of a nuisance fox. The Havahart® X-Large 1-Door Trap is ready for the challenge! With trap opening dimensions of 15” x 15” and a length of 42”, this trap is the perfect size for capturing foxes. It’s also comforting to know that our X-Large 1-Door Trap is the preferred choice of animal control professionals for trapping foxes and other similar-size critters.


A Tough, Weather-Resistant Fox Trap

Our X-Large trap for foxes features a heavy-duty, rust-resistant wire construction with an extra-strength mesh door that prevents escape. The mesh features galvanized steel reinforcements for enhanced strength and durability. The spring-loaded door is connected to a sensitive trigger for immediate activation upon contact, ensuring a fast and secure capture. Rounded edges protect a trapped animal if it struggles to escape. A solidly-built hand guard is also included to protect you as you transport the animal after the catch.


Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Fox Trap

To improve your chances of trapping success, place your Havahart® fox trap near the opening of a fox’s den. Intelligent foxes are wary of any new objects in their territory, so be sure to camouflage the trap by covering it with leaves, twigs or grass so that it blends in with the surrounding environment.


Place bait - such as poultry, eggs or bacon - in stages over the course of three or four nights (foxes are nocturnal hunters and feeders). This will help you gain the fox’s trust. Start by placing the bait outside the trap and eventually move it inside, so the fox becomes acclimated to its presence.


You can trap foxes and eliminate the threat they pose to your property with the help of natural animal control solutions from Havahart®. Place your order today!

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