Keep Wild Animals Away When You Don't Want a Fence

Keep Wild Animals Away When You Don't Want a Fence

What’s the best way to keep rabbits out of a garden without a fence? I knew I had to find an answer to this question quickly, once I realized I had a full-blown bunny invasion on my hands! Those little critters had pretty much taken over my backyard garden and were making short work of my carrots and spinach. Building a fence around the garden simply wasn’t an option, since my husband and I both believed that a fence would be an eyesore – and my husband also wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of doing all that work! We decided that a better alternative would be to use a humane animal repellent to solve our rabbit problem once and for all.

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Garden Without a Fence – and Without Harming Them

I’ve been a gardening fanatic for a long time, but I’m an also an animal lover. The last thing I wanted was to use a repellent that would harm the rabbits, so a chemical pesticide was out of the question. I also knew from previous experience that home remedies like mothballs or vinegar offered only a short-term solution at best. Fortunately, from my experience working at a greenhouse, I knew there were products available that could deter rabbits humanely and effectively, while also providing long-lasting protection against a variety of other nuisance critters.

Havahart Critter Ridder®: An “Automatic” Animal Repellent That Really Works!

I knew about Critter Ridder®Motion Activated Animal Repellent from talking to customers at the greenhouse who had used it with great success. The Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent is a motion-activated water sprinkler that uses sudden bursts of water to frighten animals away and also conditions them to stay away. Critter Ridder® was easy to install – I just connected the sprinkler to our water supply and placed it near the edge of our garden. Then, I sat back and watched as the bursts of water, sound and movement of the sprinkler made approaching rabbits perform an abrupt “about face” and scamper away! It’s also comforting to know that Critter Ridder® effectively deters all types of nuisance animals 24 hours a day. It’s a humane solution for anyone who needs to know how to keep deer away without a fence or even how to keep dogs out of a yard without a fence.

Thanks to Havahart®, we now have a rabbit-free garden – and no fence!

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