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5 of the Most Miraculous Animal Rescues in History

5 of the Most Miraculous Animal Rescues in History

Animals can sometimes find themselves in dire circumstances. Their innate curiosity can often lead them to venture into dangerous areas, and sometimes, humans accidentally or intentionally place animals in harm’s way. It often comes down to humans and even other animals to come to the rescue. Here are five memorable and heartwarming animal rescue stories:

1. Firefighters Rescue Terrier From Frozen Pond In Zebulon, NC, 12-year-old Bryanna Schug panicked when Brody, her eight-year-old terrier, fell through an ice-covered pond into the frigid waters below. Bryanna ran home to fetch her mother, who unsuccessfully tried to save Brody. After a call to 911, firefighters arrived and used ladders to reach the dog. Brody was able to withstand 30 minutes in the freezing water without suffering any ill effects.

2. Dog Found Buried Alive In Brazil, bystanders noticed a dog’s head sticking out from the ground. They called for help, and firefighters arrived to free the dog, who had apparently been buried there for at least two days. The German shepherd was rushed to a nearby veterinarian’s office where she was treated for scratches and a fractured leg, and she had also been blinded in one eye. The good news is that the dog has been responding well to treatment. The bad news is that police have been unable to determine who would commit such a blatant act of animal cruelty. The eight-year-old shepherd was given the name Bella and will be put up for adoption when she recovers from her injuries.

3. Pregnant Horse Pulled From Icy Waters In another harrowing icy water rescue story, a pregnant mare wandered away from her stablemates and fell below the surface of an ice-covered pond. Firefighters were called to the scene and attempted to use a rope attached to a tractor and their own efforts to pull the horse out of the water. The mare eventually began to tire and was on the verge of giving up. That’s when a quick-thinking rescuer decided to strike the animal on the nose. This angered the mare and caused her to resume the fight to escape the icy waters. She was pulled to safety and ultimately gave birth to a healthy foal.

4. Cat Rescued From Inside Car Engine Cats are always looking for warm places. Unfortunately, this can sometimes put their safety at risk. In this video, a rescuer is called to the scene of a vehicle where a kitten became stuck inside a car engine. The kitten had apparently crawled inside the engine in an effort to stay warm. Fortunately, the vehicle owner heard the trapped cat’s meows before he started up the engine. After being extracted from the engine, the three-month-old kitten was taken for veterinary treatment and was found to be in relatively good condition. He was given the name Chester and was almost immediately adopted by a new owner.

5. Dog Rescues Another Dog on Chilean Highway Animals can’t always rely on humans to help them in their time of need — they sometimes have to depend on each other. In this amazing video, a dog is struck by a vehicle while trying to cross a busy Chilean highway. No passing motorist stopped to help the injured animal. Watch closely as another dog suddenly appears on the scene and literally drags his fellow canine to safety. The injured dog was eventually found by construction workers and taken for treatment. The best part of the story is that both animals managed to survive the incident.

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