Live Traps for Unwanted Critters

Live Traps for Unwanted Critters

Whether you live in the heart of the city or out in the country, chances are you’ve been visited by an unwanted critter. Squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, even stray cats like to the wander the neighborhood looking for treasures – especially those near your garden or in your garbage can. You’re left with a mess and a dug up flowerbed. But what can you do? Most of us just accept it as part of yard-ownership because it’s too hard to deal with the problem. And we certainly don’t want to kill the critters – we just want them to go somewhere else!

That’s where a live cage trap comes in. Live trapping animals has really been improved over the years. Nowadays, you can find a live cage trap for just about any size animal (from mice to large raccoons.) These traps are as gentle on the animal as possible and designed so the critter can easily spring the trap without injury. The internal components are smooth and large so the animals won’t get hurt while they’re inside the trap. Best of all, as a homeowner, you won’t have to touch the animal at all so you’ll be protected from direct contact with the critter (and avoid getting bitten or worse!). When you’re ready to remove the animal all you have to do is pick up the cage and transport it to the relocation area. The door easily opens and the little critter can be on his way.

When releasing an animal into the wild, call your local animal control agency to make sure you follow the laws in your area. Many people choose to just drive out in the country and release the animal. This can work well as long as you’re far away from “civilization”. It’s best to leave wild animals three to five miles away from your home but in an area where they can find food and shelter (such as woods or near a stream). If you happen to catch a dog or cat, your local Humane Society or animal shelter will take them in. Most cities also offer services through the local animal control agency or your state Department of Natural Resources. These agencies often will come to your home and take the animal away for you. Look through your phone book or call your city’s administrative offices for more information.

Now keeping your yard and home critter free is as easy as spooning some peanut butter into a trap. (Check and their guide to baiting traps if the animal you’re trapping doesn’t seem to be hungry for peanut butter). You can rid your yard of unwanted visitors and protect your garden from critter damage – all while being kind to nature.

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