At Home Remedies: Repellent Myths Dispelled

At Home Remedies: Repellent Myths Dispelled

If you’ve ever had a problem with animals in your garden, you know the amount of damage they can do. You may have gone to great lengths to deter persistent critters, including using baby powder to repel rabbits or using various concoctions of other household products to keep relentless deer, squirrels, chipmunks or skunks away. Perhaps these remedies were given to you by “reliable” sources such as your gardening expert down the street (it wasn’t me!) or even your dear old grandmother!

The Appeal of Homemade Remedies

The idea of using homemade remedies like using human hair or baby powder to keep squirrels out of a garden appeals to many of us who are looking for an effective, all-natural alternative to potentially harmful chemicals. They’re also attractive from a cost perspective, as you can use products that you already have around the home or that are naturally produced (like your hair)!

But do these substances really keep animals away on a long-term basis? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the more popular homemade solutions.

Does Baby Powder Repel Rabbits or Squirrels?

Some people attempt to use baby powder to repel rabbits and squirrels by sprinkling it around plants and flowers. Rabbits generally do not like the taste or smell of baby powder, and it could deter them for a brief time, but the fact that it is so lightweight and fine means the slightest breeze will blow it away.

Baby powder also washes away easily when it rains. Consequently, using baby powder to repel rabbits is a short-term solution at best and requires almost constant application to have even a fighting chance to work.

Will Chili Pepper Keep Squirrels Out of the Garden?

Another popular remedy is to sprinkle “hot” substances such as chili powder in and around a garden with the idea that the pungent aroma and burning sensation when ingested will make squirrels turn tail and run away. As when using baby powder to repel rabbits, chili powder washes away easily so it won’t work for very long if it works at all. Chili powder can also cause blindness to a squirrel that gets it on its forepaws and then rubs its eyes, so it’s far from a humane solution.

A More Effective Way to Keep Animals Away

I’ve discovered that Havahart® Critter Ridder Motion Activated Animal Repellent Sprinkler is much more effective than using chili pepper or baby powder to repel rabbits or squirrels. This product uses an infrared proximity sensor that detects when animals are near and then employs a combination of sound, motion and bursts of water to frighten the animals away. There are no substances that need constant reapplication, and there’s no danger to the animal.

I might have a green thumb, but when it comes to mechanical devices, I’m usually all thumbs! But even I was able to install the unit near my garden with no problem at all. With Havahart® Critter Ridder®, you can say goodbye to ineffective home remedies for good!


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