How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

I'm a cat lover-I have nothing against cats. Still, stray cats, as down-on-their-luck and sweet as they may be, cause problems. Seeing cats destroying my hard work is always disturbing, and it makes me want to know the best methods for how to keep cats out of a garden. Your garden is to them a giant litter box and even though the leaves they chew probably make them feel ill, they do it, anyway. My next door neighbor's big, territorial cat skulks around my yard; it's a veritable Battle Royale when I try to sneak past him with my curious dog every morning and night for our walks. Sometimes, they just have to go and a cat spraying deterrent such as Critter Ridder® Motion Activated Sprinkler is necessary to keep them from coming back.

How to Keep Cats Out of a Garden by Creating an Uninviting Environment

One alternative is to try to make your garden a hostile environment for cats. This requires a great deal of time, effort, and patience — and you still probably won’t get the results you’d hoped for. Here are a few of the questionable methods for how to keep cats out of a garden:

1. Toss pine cones, nut shells, and short stakes on the perimeter of your garden and especially around your most prized plants. Cats don't like walking on noisy, sticky, or sharp things (anybody who owns a cat and uses aluminum foil and double-sided tape in front of the television knows this one). Try putting eggshells and coffee grounds in your garden. Bonus: in addition to being an effective option for anyone wanting to learn how to keep cats out of a garden, they also make great fertilizer.

2. Install a Critter Ridder® Motion Activated Sprinkler. Cats naturally hate water, and they're skittish, so this form of repellent is extremely effective.

3. Crush mothballs and put them around your garden.

4. Have some sort of citrus fruit for breakfast every morning and leave the peels and rinds where you don't want cats walking.

5. Sprinkle crushed pepper in the borders. The smell will irritate cats. Cayenne works best, but you'll need to reapply it after it rains. Bonus: pepper plants might sprout up.

6. If you're already a fan of essential oils, this one should be easy: splash some eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, lemon grass oil, and citronella oil near your plants. Mustard oil works, too.

7. Combine hot pepper liquid, lemon juice, and tea of rue and spray it on plants.

8. Add plants to your garden with pungent smells cats don't like - they're like cat deterrents for gardens!. Rue. It's blue, it's pretty, and cats can't stand them. Thorny roses Geranium Garlic Lemon Thyme Lemon Verbena Lavender Pennyroyal Plectranthus caninus, otherwise known as Coleus canina and Scaredy Cat Plant. The jury's still out on this one, but many people swear that this member of the mint family Lamiaceae is a natural cat and dog repellent.

Getting Serious About Deterring Cats

If you really want to keep cats out of your garden, try Critter Ridder® Motion Activated Sprinkler. This is a motion-activated sprinkler that unleashes an unexpected burst of water whenever a wandering kitty (or any other animal, for that matter) gets too close. Havahart Spray Away™ is 24-hour cat protection that won’t wash away after a sudden rainstorm!

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