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Liquid or Granular Repellents: Which Is Best for Your Application?

Liquid or Granular Repellents: Which Is Best for Your Application?

When people find out that I’ve been gardening for more than 25 years and also work at a greenhouse, the subject of critter control inevitably comes up. A common question is whether a liquid or granular-based repellent for dogs and other nuisance critters is the better choice. Besides telling them to make sure they choose Critter Ridder® as their repellent, I also point out that whether you use a liquid or granular repellent depends on your specific situation.

Liquid vs. Granular Repellent: Factors to Consider

When choosing between a liquid or granular repellent, it’s important to consider the type of animal defense that makes the most sense for you. For example, if you want to create a boundary area around the perimeter of your yard or garden, you can easily accomplish this by sprinkling granular pellets to form a protective barrier. It’s kind of like building an animal fence, but without all the costs, disruption to your property and hard work!

On the other hand, using a liquid allows you to target your plants, trashcans and birdfeeders, those vertical areas that are particularly attractive to animals. You can spray the liquid repellent directly onto the desired objects to deter critters from getting too “up close and personal”. With the help of a sprayer, you can also dispense your liquid repellent over a wide area.

Why Not Use Both?

But if you’re really serious about deterring nuisance animals, why choose between a liquid or granular repellent when you can use both for the ultimate critter protection? Since I started spreading Critter Ridder® granular pellets around the perimeter of my garden and yard and applying the ready-to-use spray version directly on my plants to deal with my stray dog problem, roving Rovers are a thing of the past!

Critter Ridder® uses a powerful combination of oil of black pepper, piperine and capsaicin. When a dog or other animal gets a snoutful or taste, it also gets the unforgettable experience of a burning sensation that’s a lot like taking a giant bite out of an habanero pepper! While this won’t harm the animal in any way, you can be sure that the critter won’t be coming back for a second helping. One application lasts up to 30 days in normal weather conditions, and in the case of the pellets, you can tell it’s time to reapply when they’re no longer visible. The use of all-natural ingredients also means that Critter Ridder® won’t harm the environment or your pets.

Liquid or granular repellents? With Critter Ridder® either … or both … can meet your specific animal repellent needs!

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