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Do You Need to Hide or Camouflage a Trap? - Havahart®

Do You Need to Hide or Camouflage a Trap? - Havahart®

As an animal control professional, I often am asked questions like, “Do you need leaves for traps?” and “Do you need to hide a skunk trap?” Trapping nuisance animals such as skunks and groundhogs requires an effective trap that won’t harm the animal, such as the Havahart® Easy Set® Trap.

While these traps do an excellent job of catching and securing the animal, it sometimes takes a little extra effort to coax it inside. One easy step you can take is to camouflage the trap to make it a bit more attractive to the critter.

Does a Groundhog Sense a Trap?

A shiny new trap sitting out in the open is not a natural part of a groundhog’s environment and can make a groundhog sense that a trap is just that — a trap! Camouflaging the trap makes it more enticing to the groundhog.

Do you need leaves for traps? Using leaves to partially cover the wire will improve chances of success, as will covering it with any type of brush that is in the area. Keep in mind that groundhogs are not big fans of sunlight, so covering the trap with leaves will also make it darker and cooler — and inviting.

Do You Need to Hide a Skunk Trap?

Skunks reside in dens that they typically dig in brush and heavily grassed areas. Therefore, covering your trap with brush and placing it near the den entrance can greatly improve your trapping chances, as the trap won’t appear out of the ordinary. The skunk may even want to investigate the trap to see if it will serve as a suitable nesting habitat, making your job that much easier!

An Illustration of the Benefits of Trap Concealment

Last summer, I received a call from a frustrated homeowner who just couldn’t seem to catch a nuisance skunk on his property. He appeared to be doing everything correctly, including placing his Havahart® Easy Set® Trap near the den entrance and baiting it with scraps of meat, but he hadn’t concealed the trap. I suggested he cover it with brush and, sure enough, a couple of days later he had a skunk in the trap. Over the next few weeks, he actually caught four skunks, a rabbit and two squirrels!

Why I Like the Havahart® Easy Set® Trap

I’m partial to the Havahart® Easy Set® Trap because it is simple to use, even for novice trappers. You can set it with just one hand, and it’s sturdy and rust-resistant, ensuring you can use it over and over. I’m a firm believer in humane trapping, so I’m also happy that using this device does not harm the critter in any way; rolled edges and strong door locks keep the animal inside safe. And an extra large handle guard keeps me safe, too!

Using the Havahart® Easy Set® Trap and concealing it properly is the best way to nip your critter problem in the bud!

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