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Gifts for Lawn & Garden Enthusiasts

Gifts for Lawn & Garden Enthusiasts

What’s a thoughtful gift idea for a gardener who seems to have everything? That’s a question I hear a lot at the greenhouse where I work, especially around the holidays. Coming up with great gift ideas for gardeners doesn’t have to be difficult. As a long-time gardener myself, I’ve always appreciated any gift that makes gardening tasks a little bit easier or contributes in any way to my gardening success!

Animal Repellents Make Excellent Gift Ideas for Gardeners

I’ve found that an excellent gift idea for gardeners is the gift that keeps on giving: repellents that keep nuisance animals from destroying crops, improving the success of the garden. Even if your recipient isn’t aware of an animal problem, chances are they have rabbits nibbling their plants, shrubs, fruits or vegetables. With a repellent from Havahart®, they’ll see better results in their garden and thank you for it ... hopefully with some home-grown tomatoes!

Personally, I use Havahart® Spray Away® on my property to keep deer, rabbits, squirrels and just about anything else with four legs away from my garden. Spray Away® is a motion-activated sprinkler device that uses a combination of sound, motion and a sudden blast of water to frighten animal intruders away — and it really works! Give it to your gardener friend, and he or she will not only appreciate a better-protected garden but also a properly watered one as well!

A Great Example of Havahart® Spray Away® in Action

I’ve been so happy with the results I’ve gotten from using Havahart® Spray Away® that I’ve even given it as a gift to a gardening friend in need. Last summer, my best friend Beth was having a terrible time with deer entering her garden just before dawn and nibbling on her plants and vegetables. I knew her birthday was right around the corner, so I picked up a Spray Away 2.0 for her. Even though Beth isn’t the most mechanically inclined person I know, she was able to easily connect this sprinkler device to her water supply in no time at all!

Now Beth enjoys sitting on her back porch early in the morning with a cup of coffee and watching a hungry deer approach the edge of her property only to then run away quickly without causing any damage. As soon as the device’s infrared proximity sensor detects the presence of the animal, it delivers several quick bursts of water. The combination of the water, motion and “tic-tic-tic” sound sends the animal on its way in a hurry. Her deer problem is now a thing of the past! According to Beth, there’s no better gift idea for a gardener than Havahart Spray Away®!

Other Great Gift Ideas for Gardeners

In addition to animal repellents, other great gift ideas for the gardeners on your list include:

When it comes to the best gifts for gardeners, ideas don’t have to be complicated. Just look for ways to make gardening even more enjoyable and successful, and your gardener friend will thank you!

  • Garden kneeler: A pad that will protect her knees as she does the garden grunt work is always appreciated.
  • Canning supplies: Help the gardener on your list enjoy his crops all year long with some canning supplies. If he’s new to the world of canning, he’ll appreciate a how-to book as well.
  • Garden caddy: An organized bag of basic garden tools saves time and hassle.
  • Gloves: A gardener goes through many gloves. Make your gift even more special by getting a pair monogrammed with his or her initials.
  • Whimsical garden decorations: From tiny gnome doors and windows that turn trees into enchanted homes to beautiful bird baths and hummingbird feeders, garden decorations make fun and thoughtful gifts.

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