Gifts for Lawn & Garden Enthusiasts

Gifts for Lawn & Garden Enthusiasts

When it comes to getting a gardener a gift, it might seem like they’ve got everything that they need. Don’t be stumped or give up on garden gifts! Gardeners are always in need of tools, resources, or supplies. At Havahart®, we have a selection of items that you can gift to your friends that spend their time outdoors working in their lawn or yard!

Animal Repellents Make Excellent Gift Ideas for Gardeners

One excellent gift idea for gardeners is the gift that keeps on giving: repellents that keep nuisance animals from destroying crops, improving the success of the garden. Even if your recipient isn’t aware of an animal problem, chances are they have rabbits nibbling their plants, shrubs, fruits, or vegetables. With a repellent from Havahart®, they’ll see better results in their garden, and thank you for it ... hopefully with some home-grown tomatoes!

Another gift that has more than one purpose, is the Critter Ridder® Motion-Activated Animal Repellent and Sprinkler. Not only does this sprinkler repel nuisance animals, from raccoons to deer to birds, but it also keeps the lawn watered. This way, the garden is protected from the critters that can damage plants, the lawn, and decorations.

These repellents are good for all kinds of gardeners, including those that are animal lovers – just not when those animals make a dinner out of their hard work. Natural animal repellents and ways of deterring animals ensure that these animals are dealt with humanely.

Give your gardener friends the gift of defense with these products that they can implement in their yard. This way, they have thriving gardens and perhaps will allow you to reap some of the benefits too!

Other Great Gift Ideas for Gardeners

In addition to animal repellents, other great gift ideas for the gardeners on your list include:

  • Garden kneeler: A pad that will protect their knees as they work through the garden grunt is always appreciated.
  • Canning supplies: Help the gardener on your list enjoy their crops all year long with some canning supplies. If they are new to the world of canning, they’ll appreciate a how-to book as well.
  • Garden caddy: An organized bag of basic garden tools saves time and hassle.
  • Gloves: A gardener goes through many gloves. Make your gift even more special by getting a pair monogrammed with his or her initials.
  • Whimsical garden decorations: From tiny gnome doors and windows that turn trees into enchanted homes to beautiful bird baths and hummingbird feeders, garden decorations make fun and thoughtful gifts.

When it comes to the best gifts for gardeners, ideas don’t have to be complicated. Just look for ways to make gardening even more enjoyable and successful, and your gardener friend will thank you!

Learning More

At Havahart®, we want to keep gardens safe from animals without causing them any harm. Let us help you with the wide variety of products…and let us know if your gardener friend loves their gift! Share your story on our Facebook Page. Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks, plus enjoy deals and exclusive information about our products.


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