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How to Deter Snakes

How to Deter Snakes

S-s-s-s-s-s! Don’t look now, but a snake is slithering across your property, looking for dinner. Depending on the variety of snake, they can dine on rodents, bird eggs and baby birds, or they could feast on insects, fish and tadpoles. Although non-venomous snakes tend to cause no harm, other than being scary and repulsive, you’ll still want to get rid of snakes if they’re in your garden or lawn.

Snakes generally like cool, damp, dark areas where they can find food. They are often attracted to stacked firewood, old lumber piles, junk piles, flower beds with heavy mulch, gardens, unkempt basements, shrubbery growing against foundations, attics, stream banks, unmowed lawns (as with the proverbial “snake in the grass”) and abandoned lots and fields. They’ll even enter your home if they can find a way in, and nobody wants that!

How to Deter Snakes: Stop Snakes from Getting in Your Garden

Just like people tend to raid the refrigerator for a late-night snack when we’re hungry, snakes also follow a source of food. An effective way to keep Mr. Snake away is to eliminate some of his favorite dishes from your property, particularly rodents like mice and rats. If a snake can’t find food, it is more likely to slither on down the road. You can also try spreading cat litter across your property, as some believe it irritates a snake’s scales, or using moth balls in the hope that snakes will be repelled by the smell.

How to Deter Snakes with Professional Repellents

A more practical and effective solution is to use a professional snake repellent product such as Victor® Snake-A-Way®. When it comes to using these products, the best snake repellent tips include choosing a product containing the active ingredients of sulfur and naphthalene.

How to Prevent Snakes from Entering Home

You can also prevent snakes from entering a house by blocking all openings a quarter-inch and larger. Check the corners of doors and windows, as well as around water pipe and electrical service entrances. Fencing can also be used to keep snakes from entering your home, yard or garden.

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