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Best Ingredients for Effective Animal Repellents

Best Ingredients for Effective Animal Repellents

Nothing can be more disheartening than working so hard to have a lush, green yard and abundant garden only to find deer, rabbits, and other critters devouring your plants and destroying your yard. Havahart® brings you expert tips for repelling animals from your yard or garden. Also included are tips for the careful use of repellent sprays and concentrate products.

Dual deterrent formulations with taste and scent barriers are the best way to keep hungry animals from destroying your landscape and garden.

Putrescent Egg – SCENT

Putrescent egg is a natural repellent that mimics the smell of a decaying animal in the area. This scent will instinctively cause the animal fear that a predator is nearby and the area is not safe to feed. This active ingredient dries odorless to humans but, with their keen sense of smell, deer and rabbits can pick up the scent long after it dries. Look for this ingredient in Havahart’s Deer Off® products.

Capsaicin – TASTE

Capsaicin is an important ingredient to look for in an animal repellent and it’s what sets Havahart repellents apart from others on the market. What is Capsaicin? Think of a hot pepper on steroids! This active ingredient is made from chili peppers and is a powerful, taste deterrent. If hungry enough, studies show that odor deterrents alone may not stop nuisance animals from feeding. For this reason, dual deterrents are proven to be the most effective animal repellents in protecting your yard and garden. Look for this ingredient in Havahart’s Deer Off®, and Critter Ridder®.

Tip When Choosing Between Granular vs. Liquid Repellents

Since Havahart offers a broad line of granular and liquid repellents, we are often asked, ‘When is it best to use a liquid or granular repellent?’ The answer to this question is specific to when and where you use the repellent. Most consumers find that they need both granular and liquid for total yard protection.

Granular: Granular repellents are perfect for perimeter treatment! Granular repellents are best to use around the boundary of gardens, landscaping, or houses to keep critters out. One of the benefits of granular repellents is that they last as long as you can see the pellets. This means that you can easily see when reapplication is needed.

Havahart repellents are unique in that they are specifically formulated to be long lasting, with most lasting for 1 month in normal weather conditions. Another benefit of granular treatments is that they are better for protecting your plants over the winter months since most liquid repellents can not be sprayed in temperatures below 40 degrees.

Liquid: Liquids are versatile and provide direct protection for plants, gardens, and other areas critter like to frequent like garbage cans & birdfeeders.

Havahart repellents dry odorless to humans so only the animal’s sensitive noses can pick up the scent. For large-scale applications, liquid repellents tend to offer great protection and are easier to apply using a motorized or pump sprayer.


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