My 17 Years of Rescuing Rodents - Havahart's Wild Neighborhood

My 17 Years of Rescuing Rodents - Havahart's Wild Neighborhood

What is the best rodent pet? You’re looking at it! This is Wild Henry. He was found at the Anahiem Nature Center. His Family was dead, and I took him. A wild Norway rat who adored me, he was my pet for 4 1/2 years! I have been doing rat, rabbit and all rodents rescue for 17 years. Rats are my favorite. I have had wild Norway rats as pets; in fact, 6 wild Norway rats, and one roof rat. I have caught many in a humane trap such as the Havahart® X-Small 1-Door Trap and released them. (I did catch a skunk and had to release him—that was not a pretty picture!) I have caught possums and released them, also. I will not kill anything.

Helping Rodent Victims Taught Me What the Best Rodent Pet Is

I took on the “crush” victims about 16 years ago, where the horrible person was taking pictures of a lady stomping on poor rats taped to the floor. It took a whole year, but he went to jail. The lady, a school teacher who stomped on these poor guys, went to jail too. Taking care of these unfortunate critters gave me a better understanding of what the best rodent pet is.

I went into animal control for 3 months, every day to take care of them, giving them food, cages, medicine, everything. I brought them home before their time was up. They were in jail at my house until the whole court thing was over, and they became my pets!

There were 14 babies and RMCA RATS took them from me. I am on call all the time to help out others with their pet rats, wild rats and wild life, if I can help. I will not even kill a spider! I am not afraid of anything and I have a heart of gold. This is my passion. I rehab rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats. I had a gopher once and got a home for him, too. My vet is wonderful, but he just shakes his head. I guess he has a different idea of what the best rodent pet is—or the best pet in general!


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