Havahart® Large 2-Door Easy Set® Trap

Model #: 1064

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  • Item #1064
  • Best Used For: Armadillos, Cats, Groundhogs, Muskrats, Nutria, Opossums, and Raccoons
  • Dimensions: 36.63” x 12.63” x 14.63”
  • Patented Easy Set® Design – Set & Release with One Hand
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Model #1064

Best Used For:


Trapping Has Never Been Easier

Trapping has never been easier than with Havahart® Easy Set® traps. Patented technology allows you to set your two trap doors open with just one hand and in one quick motion. Easy Set® also allows you to let critters go without ever having to touch the doors. Plus, updated sturdy hardware provides additional comfort, security, and durability.


Set and Release with One Hand

Set this humane trap in 1 simple step: Pull on the Easy Set® lever to open the doors, and the trap’s ready for a catch. Or, set the trap as a 1-door trap by releasing the cable from the offset loop and pulling the lever to the open position. Then, you can use the lever to release the animal while standing away from the trap opening and clear of the exit path.

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Safe, Rolled Metal Edges Protect the Animal

Just like the Havahart® traps you’ve relied on for years, this trap is constructed of one-piece wire mesh, galvanized for resistance to rust and corrosion. And edges are polished smooth to protect the animal from injuring itself during transport.

No-Escape Door Locks Give You Peace of Mind

Two tightly spring-loaded doors feature updated door locks and added reinforcements, making your trap more escape-proof than ever.

A Two-Door Trap is Effective and Versatile

A two-door animal trap allows you to create a clear path from one end of the trap to the other by setting it with both ends open. Place this two-door trap against a wall or along an animal’s path in order to capture it as it travels from either direction. In order to access the bait and get to the other end, the animal must step on the trigger plate, resulting in a catch.

Trap Length
32 in
36 in
32 in
32 in
32 in
36 in
# of Doors
Set as 1 or 2-Door Trap
Easy Set® 1-Step Set & Release
Enlarged Handle
Galvanized Steel
Manufacturer's Warranty
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Havahart® stands behind the quality of its traps with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Learn more here »

Made in the USA

Havahart® traps have been proudly manufactured in the US for over 70 years.


Havahart Trap - Model #1064

Model # 1064
Dimensions 36.63” x 12.63” x 14.63”
Weight 14.28 lb
Material Galvanized Steel; One-Piece 12-Gauge Wire Mesh; Plastic Carrying Handle
Door Type 2 Spring-Loaded Doors
Setting Mechanism 1-Step Easy Set® Lever
Animals Armadillos, Cats, Groundhogs, Muskrats, Nutria, Opossums, and Raccoons

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Disclaimer: Havahart does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
May 4, 2017
Do not buy this garbage trap. By Trace

Worst trap ever, large animals just walk right through it. Literally have to have raccoon stand on trigger and jump up and down for it to trigger. The force for the 2 doors is too tight or something. Single door, cardboard rest on handle triggers fine, but the 2 doors open ... worse trap known to mankind.

Response From Havahart®
Susan : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Trace,

At Havahart®, we strive to ensure that each consumer is satisfied with their purchase.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team directly at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242).  We apologize for this experience and would like the opportunity to work with you to make this right.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
October 29, 2016
poor choice By tough

Animals find it easy to escape due to easy bendable parts - even possums. Not easy to set.

Response From Havahart®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

We apologize for this experience and would like the opportunity to learn more. This trap's Easy Set® mechanism should set the trap with one easy movement. The traps are constructed of high tensile galvanized steel wire. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for additional assistance. Our traps are covered by a one year replacement warranty.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
October 15, 2016
Great Value Highly Recommended By BobCapeCod
Great trap!!! Caught woodchuck first day. Great value. Highly recommended.
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
October 13, 2016
Super Armadillo? By lost again

I have an Armadillo (at least one) that is terrorizing my azaleas. I read the mixed reviews on whether this trap can hold an armadillo, but decided to give it a shot. So far I have had three armadillos (or likely the same one three times) escape. It looks like they can simply push on the door until it pops open. I haven't tried to catch lees muscular animals yet, but I have a few raccoons I will attempt to capture at another property. Hopefully I can get some use out of this trap....

Response From Havahart®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

We appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback and apologize for the experience. Traps should be checked frequently, and animals relocated as soon as possible after being caught. We recommend placing a blanket over the trap to reduced the stress level for the animal. Our traps are covered by a one year replacement warranty. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for additional assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
September 26, 2016
EASY SET By Armadillo Magnet
I have used inexpensive traps (HFT) in the past with limited success. Many times animals were able to escape by bending/breaking the doors and hinges. I have not had this issue with my Havahart trap and finally caught the armadillo that has been tearing up my sprinklers. In addition, the easy set feature is simple enough for my 3-year-old to use and I no longer have to grow an extra hand like I do to set my less expensive traps.
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
September 21, 2016
Great Service By none myob
I bought a 1064 and the handle wouldn't stay down, so I called the company and the very helpful young lady (i don't recall her name) explained that by giving it a few quick open and close "slams" it would stretch out the cable. I asked her to wait on the line until I had tried that and it worked like a charm. She was excellent to deal with and I recommend this company as one who cares about their reputation.
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
September 19, 2016
Really Controls the Pests! By TrapperFred
As a long time owner of two Havahart cages, a very destructive armadillo attack on our beautiful zoysia sod led me to order three more of the large , two door, easy set cages. We could not be happier with the success we enjoyed with our armadillo problem. We have now trapped and eliminated 8 of the invaders and seem to be finally rid of them all!
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
August 26, 2016
Great Trap By JS354
This is a great trap I have used Havahart traps for years. I like the new easy set feature. The only concern that I had was in the shipping the traps came bent up on the ends and there were a few parts missing.
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
July 11, 2016
Easy to set!! By Yvonne H
Bought first trap and could not set. Immediately upon reaching HAV A HART customer service the item was replaced and the trip plate in the replacement unit works as advertised. Unfortunately I have yet to convince the groundhogs to take up residence. 100% positive I will be relocating him to a forested area away from our garden shed. I really appreciate Customr Service courtesy. I will let you know when I achieve success with this visitor. Yvonne
Review Rate
Review posted on www.havahart.com
May 21, 2016
Works great! By cary 3
got 2 coons on my front poach in first 3 days!
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Q.What gauge is the wire on the large, 2-door trap?

We use two sizes on our traps. The primary size is 14 gauge, but 8 gauge is used to make the body stronger on the trap.

Q.How do I make the trigger mechanism more sensitive? My friend has one where the woodchucks walk in, eat the bait and leave without tripping the trigger pan.

To make a trap more sensitive, we recommend placing small objects such as washers or pebbles on the trigger pan.

Q.How can I set the trap to be ready 

To set the trap pull the handle on the top and it will lock in to position. A link to the video on how to set the trap is listed below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CrnQA7Qdiw#action=share

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