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Beaver Traps

Beavers are the largest rodents in North America, and they can do a large amount of damage to the environment. Their dam-building activities can cause flooding, and their gnawing can destroy trees. Havahart® live traps can help you win the battle against beavers!

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    Havahart® X-Large 1-Door Trap
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    Havahart® X-Large 1-Door Trap - 2 Pack

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Havahart® X-Large Traps: The Ideal Beaver Control Solution

Havahart® X-Large traps are the perfect size for trapping beavers. These highly effective traps for beavers are backed by over 60 years of experience, and our effective animal control solutions are trusted by professionals and property owners alike.


Havahart® X-Large 1-Door Trap: What the Professionals Use to Trap Beavers

Havahart®’s heavy-duty X-Large 1-Door Trap is the preferred beaver trap amongst animal control experts and professional trappers for capturing and removing nuisance beavers. And because of its usability and reliability, even a novice trapper will feel comfortable operating it.


This beaver trap is equipped with extra-strength mesh on the doors to prevent the beaver from gnawing its way to escape. Plus its mesh openings are smaller than those found in competing traps, greatly reducing occurrences of stolen bait.


Like all Havahart® traps, our X-Large beaver trap is made from sturdy, rust-resistant galvanized steel to provide many years of reliable service in even the most challenging climates. Solid doors and handle guards will protect you while transporting the captured animal, and smooth internal edges will prevent the captured beaver from injuring itself if it attempts to escape.


Don’t let bothersome beavers damage your property. Get rid of beavers once and for all with a Havahart® X-Large beaver trap. Order yours from our convenient and secure online store today!

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