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Raccoons, Squirrels, Mice, or Rats could be causing the problem.
2 Ways To Identify What Specific Animal You Are Dealing With: 

Identifying an animal using tracks can be difficult indoors. If you know where the critters are wreaking havoc in your home, place a board in the affected area, such as an attic, and dust the board with cornstarch. If the animal walks through the cornstarch, the prints will be clearly visible, helping you to identify the nuisance pest.
Finding scat is one of most obvious ways to tell you have a pest infestation. Mice and rats are the most common animals to leave scat around your home. They will mainly leave their droppings in an enclosed area such as attics, closets, and cupboards. If you have yet to see droppings but you know you have a critter problem, check in these areas for scat. Mice and rat scat is small (around the size of a grain of rice), usually dark brown in color, and have pointed ends.
Finding scat

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