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Mice or Rats Causing Issues in Your Home?
Here’s Our 3-Step Solution: 

Remove Attractants & Shelter
Mice and rats enter your home in search of food and shelter. It's important to keep your home clean and your food inaccessible, which will drive them to find food elsewhere.
  • Clean your home on a regular basis: sweep, mop, dust, sanitize, etc.
  • Rake up fallen berries, nuts, acorns, fruits, and birdseed
  • Store all food and pet food in rodent-proof containers
  • Do not leave pet food out after feeding times
  • Wipe up and sanitize all areas where crumbs or liquids have spilled
  • Keep all indoor and outdoor garbage in secure, airtight containers
  • Clean up fallen berries, fruits, and seeds that surround your home
Catch & Remove the
Immediate Issue 
The best way to completely remove a mouse or rat is by using a trap to manually relocate it. An x-small cage trap is best for catching mice & rats.
Repel with Victor® PestChaser® 
Victor® PestChaser® is an ultrasonic rodent repellent that uses high frequencies to drive away mice and rats. These humane devices emit irritating sounds that only the rodents can hear which prevents them from returning to your home. Victor® PestChaser® comes in several sizes and models to benefit various sized rooms.
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