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Shrew Baits

While shrews are generally harmless, they can occasionally pose a threat to property owners if they venture to close to a home. Live trapping is a great control option if shrews have invaded your property. Once you find the perfect trap for these nuisance critters you will need to find the perfect bait. Below, Havahart® provides bait suggestions and general baiting tips.

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Best Shrew Baits

Shrews have a vast insect-based diet and are constantly eating to keep up with their quick metabolisms. Although they’re classified as insectivores, shrews also prey on small animals and enjoy nuts or seeds. Attract shrews into your trap with a lightweight, fat and protein-packed bait.

The best shrew baits include:


How to Bait a Shrew Trap

While your bait selection is important, the way in which you position your bait can make or break your trapping success.

The best bait placement will:

Entice the shrew to fully enter the trap.

Require the shrew to engage the trigger.

The trigger of a 2-door shrew trap is the metal plate located on the floor in the middle of the trap. When using a cage trap with 2 doors, carefull apply the bait directly onto the trigger plate.


Expert Baiting Tips

Another recommended shrew bait is a mixture of peanut butter and oats. Applying this sticky compound to the trigger will prevent the bait from being stolen and also cause shrews to work harder to eat it. More work increases the chance of trigger activation.

Increase the effectiveness of any shrew bait by adding a few drops of bacon grease.

Use only a small amount of bait to ensure that it does not weigh down the trigger too much, which can cause the trap doors to close prematurely.

Give your shrew a taste of what’s inside the trap by applying a small amount of bait at the trap entrances.


Professional Advice on Baiting an Animal Trap

Our friend and Havahart® supporter, Billy the Exterminator, talks baiting traps.


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