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How to Trap a Shrew

Shrews are ill-tempered little rodents that can cause damage inside or outside your home. Use the following instructions from Havahart® to effectively trap and relocate bothersome shrews.

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How to Trap

1Have a Plan

Before placing your trap, check with the wildlife control office or humane society chapter in your area to learn about your shrew trapping and relocation options.


2Determine a Location

If you have an outdoor shrew issue, place your trap at the entrance of the burrow where the animal is residing. For indoor trapping, place your trap along a wall in an area where you’ve noticed signs of shrew activity.


3Bait the Trap

Bait your trap with shrew delicacies such as small insects, bacon or sliced hot dogs. For more bait options and baiting tips, read How To: Shrew Baits »


4Set the Trap

Set your shrew trap according to the instructions included with the device. Once set, test your trap by pressing on the trigger plate.


5Check the Trap Frequently

Check your trap first thing in the morning and once or twice during the day if possible. You do not want to leave an animal trapped longer than necessary.


6Relocate the Shrew

For release, transport the shrew to a wooded area far away from your home and other population sources.


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