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How to Repel Weasels

Do you want to eliminate a weasel problem on your property without having to kill or injure the animal? There are a number of weasel control options that drive weasels away and keep them from coming back. For best results, use a combination of the following methods.

1 Identify Vulnerable Areas

trash can

The best way to repel stealthy weasels is by startling them with a motion-activated sprinkler. Identifying weasel activity and areas of damage will help you determine the location and scale of your defense.

Common vulnerable areas include:

  • chicken coops or pens
  • poultry houses
  • rabbit cages
  • barns
  • bird nests

*If a weasel is inside your house, the best way to get rid of it is to manually remove it with a live trap. To learn more, read How to Trap a Weasel »

2 Obtain a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

motion activated sprinkler

A motion-activated sprinkler seeks out approaching weasels and releases startling bursts of water, which effectively deters them and conditions them to avoid most vulnerable areas.

There are two varieties from which you can choose based upon your preferences and animal density:

  • unlimited water supply - best for high animal density
  • requires a hose connection
  • battery-operated
  • stakes into soft ground/soil
  • refillable water basin makes the unit portable
  • solar-powered
  • best for low to moderate weasel activity
  • flat base - can be placed on almost any surface

To protect multiple vulnerable areas or your entire property, you may need to install more than one unit.

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3 Determine Repellent Placement

trap placement

Position each repellent to deter approaching weasels from reaching the vulnerable areas. For example, you might position sprinklers:

  • in front of a potential entryway into your barn
  • around the perimeter of your property
  • as a protective barrier around coops, cages or pens
  • at the base of a tree or fence

TIP: Note the coverage area of your sprinkler unit. If the area you wish to protect exceeds the coverage area, you may need multiple units.

4 Set Up as Directed


It’s critical that you install your unit(s) as directed in the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure not to skip over any important steps - for example:

  • Assemble the device with the proper tools and parts to avoid potential leaks or misfires.
  • Point the infrared sensor and sprinkler towards the direction in which weasels will be approaching.
  • Adjust your sensitivity based upon your desired coverage area and the average temperature during which most of your weasel activity occurs.
  • Before adding the water source, test your device with your own movement to be sure that your sensitivity is set at the ideal level.

5 Reduce Attractants

lawn mower

Make your yard even less welcoming to weasels by eliminating attractive sources of food and cover, which help them to successfully sneak up on prey and hide from their own predators. Some steps you can take include:

  • regularly mowing your lawn
  • trimming or removing low-lying bushes or shrubs
  • keeping the area around vulnerable spaces clear of vegetation or debris where weasels may hide.
  • limiting access to barns, coops and cages.

Expert Tips

  • Weasels are small, quick creatures that often travel within or hide behind cover when on the hunt. It’s important to keep your yard clear of debris, tall grass and low-lying vegetation.
  • Repelling weasels is just one way to solve your weasel problem. Read How to Get Rid of Weasels to learn about other methods that are part of an effective integrated weasel control plan.
  • Motion-activated repellents are extremely effective and convenient tools for repelling a variety of animals in a range of environments. It’s important to note that because they rely on sight, detecting very small weasel species like least weasels requires precise settings and a clear range. For smaller species especially, it’s important to consider using a combination of weasel control methods to keep your animals safe from predation. To learn more about an intergrated weasel control plan, read How to Get Rid of Weasels.

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