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Chipmunk Baits

Once you've selected a chipmunk trap, you must choose a bait that will lure chipmunks inside - and position it strategically. Learn about recommended baits, proper bait placement and other expert baiting tips below.

Best Chipmunk Baits

Chipmunks are attracted to a variety of foods, especially nuts, grains, and berries. Chipmunk traps are designed with sensitive trigger plates to react to tiny critters, therefore the best baits are small and lightweight.

Favorite chipmunk baits include:

best chipmunk baits

How to Bait a Chipmunk Trap

More important than the bait you choose is how you place it inside the live trap. It's critical that you bait your trap carefully and strategically in order to successfully make a catch.

The way in which you position your bait should:

  • Force the chipmunk to fully enter the trap (body and tail).
  • Encourage the chipmunk to engage the trigger (step on the metal plate).
  • Take into consideration the trap's door configuration (1 vs. 2-door):
1-DOOR TRAP - Position bait in the END 1 door trap

For a 1-door trap, place the bait directly behind the trigger plate. Keep the bait as far from the walls as possible so the chipmunk cannot reach in and steal it.

2-DOOR TRAP - Position bait in the CENTER 2 door trap

For a 2-door trap, you may choose to place the bait just behind the trigger, bury it in the ground underneath the plate/trap, or hang it from the top of your trap.

Expert Baiting Tips

  • Chipmunks may avoid your trap if it carries any trace of human scent, so wear gloves when handling and baiting your trap.
  • Lure your chipmunk into the trap by creating a trail of bait leading to the trigger plate.
  • Smear peanut butter onto the trigger plate to engage your chipmunk directly with the plate.
  • After baiting your trap, make sure that there is no bait in the way of the trigger-and-close mechanism. Test it by gently pressing on the plate - the doors should close with little force.
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