How to Trap Minks

Minks are highly intelligent and often difficult to trap, but their natural curiosity and food drive should eventually lead them to your humane trap. Use the following trapping and relocation tips from Havahart® to get the job done.

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1Contact Your Local Wildlife Agency

Before attempting to trap a pest mink, contact your local or state wildlife agency and check whether doing so is legal. Some states have mink-trapping seasons that may or may not include live trapping for pest removal.


2Develop a Relocation Plan

Your local or state wildlife agency can also advise you on where a captured mink can be released. Since minks are territorial, options may be limited.


3Choose a Location

Set your trap near a previous kill sight and wrap the trap in something dark colored since they are compelled to investigate shadowy holes and animal burrows for prey.


4Bait the Trap

Use bloody chicken meat, chicken entrails, fish or cheese to lure a mink into the trap. Sparsely cover this bait with fur or feathers as an added attractant.

For more bait options, check out How To: Mink Baits »


5Set the Trap

Closely follow the instructions included with your mink trap to ensure proper setting.


6Check the Trap Frequently

Once a mink is trapped, it can quickly become scared and desperate to escape. Check your trap at least twice a night, once about three hours after sunset and again at dawn. Never leave an animal trapped for an extended period of time.


7You've Caught a Mink!

  • Always wear gloves when handling the trap and carry it away from your body
  • Drape a cloth over the cage to keep the mink calm - a frightened mink may discharge a foul-smelling musk.
  • Handle the cage carefully and avoid loud noises that may stress the captured mink.
  • Before placing the cage in your vehicle, put down a tarp or other liner to limit the spread of its musk smell and other bodily fluids.

8Relocate the Mink

As soon as you have discovered your trapped mink, transport it to the designated point for release.


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