How to Repel Minks

Minks tend to be courageous predators that are affected by relatively few repellent efforts, especially when an easy kill awaits them in a nearby chicken coop or koi pond. A mink is likely to be scared off by these repellent efforts at first, but less so as they become accustomed to the sudden activity. Beyond installing an electric fence around your pond or chicken house, it’s best to use a number of methods over time and in a variety of locations to keep them guessing.

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1Install an Electric Fence

The best way to repel mink from a pond or poultry house is to set up an electric fence around their targets. It needs to be high enough so the mink can’t jump over it. The wires also need to be close enough to one another that the mink can’t slip through it.


2Install a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

A motion-activated sprinkler will blast minks with a jet of water to scare these carnivores away. The infrared sensor will detect the mink and use a combination of water, noise and motion to condition it to avoid your property.


3Install Motion-Detecting Lights

Though this method may work a few times to scare off a mink, it is best used to alert you or a guard dog that there is potential mink activity nearby.


4Remove Hiding Places

Keep the area clear of places where minks can hide prior to an attack, including bushes, weeds and woodpiles.


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