Baits for Minks

Minks most often come in contact with humans when they target chickens and other poultry, often decimating an entire coop at one time. Similarly, they are known to empty a backyard ponds of all their occupants, since they also love to eat crayfish, frogs and fish. Trapping is an ideal method for mink control. Below, you can find the best bait options to lure them.

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Suggested Mink Baits

As carnivores, minks respond best to traps baited with fresh kills. Chicken and fish are particularly good baits, but don’t just buy packaged meat from your grocery store to bait the trap. Minks are attracted to especially bloody meat, and most grocery store meat has been thoroughly cleaned and drained. Instead visit a local butcher and explain that you need fresh, bloody meat to bait a live animal trap. Cheese, a common food provided to farm-raised minks, may also work. Minks are also likely to investigate food that include sight attractors, such as bits of fur or feathers.


Professional Advice on Baiting an Animal Trap

Our friend and Havahart® supporter, Billy the Exterminator, talks baiting traps.


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