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Easy Set


patented, live animal traps that set and release in one simple motion

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How Easy Set® Works

Easy Set® technology allows you to set your trap with one hand and release a trapped animal without having to touch the door. To set your trap perfectly every time, simply pull back on the patented Easy Set® lever. To release a trapped animal, pull the same lever while standing behind the trap, away from the animal’s exit path.

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How Easy Set Works

Easy Set® Trap Features

Added safety and durability features make Easy Set® the premium choice.

Easy Set Features

Easy Set® Trap Varieties

Easy Set® traps come in a variety of sizes and are available in the following configurations:


1 Door

Easy Set: 1 Door

1-Door traps allow animals to walk farther into the trap and past the trip plate to reach the bait.

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2 Door

Easy Set: 2 Door

2-Door traps provide a clear sight path from one end of the trap to the other - great for cautious animals.

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Easy Set: 2 Door

Collapsible traps fold away so they take up less room in storage.

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