How to Get Rid of Minks

Minks can spell trouble for homeowners who have fish and koi ponds since these animals are semiaquatic and prefer fish and frogs. Poultry is also commonly targeted by minks, and they can be especially ferocious to ducks and chickens – often killing all the birds in one night. If minks are creating problems for you, there are control options that allow you to get rid of these pest animals without harming them.

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Make it difficult for minks to enter poultry barns and chicken coups by securing all access points that could be exploited by a mink. Seal openings with wire or metal flashing, since they are known to claw and chew through soft wood. Minks will rarely chase down chickens, but rather corner them or attack them while the bird is sleeping, so nighttime security is a must.



Motion-activated sprinklers can be used to startle and scare off minks with a combination of water, sound and motion.



Minks can be live-trapped without harming the animal. Use a live trap to capture a mink and relocate it far away from your property.


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