Fox Baits

Foxes are notoriously crafty and clever. Trapping can be an effective method of fox control, but you must go about it properly to achieve the desired result. Below, Havahart® provides baiting suggestions as well as other fox baiting tips.

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Best Fox Baits

Foxes may have a reputation for being opportunistic feeders that will eat anything, but luring one into an unfamiliar cage will take extra incentive. Foxes favor strong-smelling or super sweet foods like fish (fresh or canned), chicken, meat, and sugar-coated vegetables.


How to Bait a Fox Trap

Foxes are extremely wary and cautious animals, so luring them into your trap will take time and strategy. Baiting a fox trap is usually a process that takes several days:

TIP: When baiting your trap for a catch (Night 3) it’s critical that the bait is positioned carefully behind the trigger plate to ensure that the fox engages the trigger.


Expert Baiting Tips

Foxes are most active during twilight. Bait your trap just before dusk to minimize the risk of trapping an unwanted critter.

Tie your trap open during night 1 and night 2 of baiting. This will prevent any false triggers from prematurely snapping the door closed, which can cause a fox to avoid it.

Some foxes need more time to get used to a feeding area. If a fox does not take the bait on night 2 or 3, begin again at night 1 and repeat this step a few times before moving onto the next.

For more trapping information, read How to Trap a Fox »


Professional Advice on Baiting an Animal Trap

Our friend and Havahart® supporter, Billy the Exterminator, talks baiting traps.


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