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Dog Baits

When using bait to lure dogs into a trap, it's important that you use foods that are both attractive to dogs and safe for consumption. Additionally, the bait should be positioned correctly inside the trap so it causes the dog to engage the trigger. Below, the experts at Havahart® share their top baiting suggestions as well as other baiting tips.

Best Dog Baits

Dogs are attracted to meats like chicken, beef and fish, as well as familiar items that smell like home.

Best dog baits include:

best dog baits

How to Bait a Dog Trap

dog trap

Selecting an attractive bait is just the first step of baiting a live trap. It's critical that the bait is positioned properly in order to induce a safe and successful capture.

The best bait placement will:

  • Lure the dog fully into the trap.
  • Disallow animals from stealing the bait from outside the trap.
  • Require the dog to step on the trigger plate in order to reach it.

To satisfy these criteria, position your bait directly behind the trigger plate, towards the closed end of the trap and as far away from the trap walls as possible.

Expert Baiting Tips

  • It's important that you do not use a bait that has bones in it, as they can splinter and cause internal injury, or cause a dog to choke.
  • Avoid using raw or uncooked meat, which can spoil and make a dog very ill.
  • Rather than placing one large piece of bait inside your trap, scatter small pieces of bait behind and/or around the trigger. This will keep a dog inside and increase the chances of him engaging the trigger.
  • Allow your dog to become acclimated with the trap by pre-baiting it for about a week or so. Bait your trap with the doors tied open to get your dog used to feeding inside of it. Replenish the bait once the dog begins to feed inside the cage. After a few days of regular feeding, you may prepare your trap for a capture.
  • In addition to baiting your live trap, there are other important steps and precautions to take when using one to capture a dog. To learn more about safely and humanely catching dogs, read How to Trap a Dog »
  • To learn more baiting tips, read How to Bait »

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