Weasel Repellents

Although weasels are not known for causing extensive property damage, their nocturnal raids on poultry houses make them a nuisance to many poultry farmers. If you have a weasel problem, Havahart® offers natural, effective weasel deterrent solutions!
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Frighten Weasels Away with Havahart Spray Away®

Keep weasels off your property at any time of day or night with Havahart Spray Away®. This motion-activated sprinkler does not poison or otherwise harm animals when used as directed. Instead, it enables you to continuously repel weasels with effective, sudden bursts of water. The built-in infrared technology is capable of detecting an approaching animal at a distance of up to 35 feet. Upon activation, the device’s spraying action startles the weasel and sends it scampering in the opposite direction! Thanks to its consistency with repelling, Spray Away® also conditions the weasel to avoid returning to the area.


Spray Away® can provide an effective 24/7 weasel repellent solution for areas of up to 1,900 square feet. Adjustable settings allow you to customize your sprinkler to specifically target weasels and many other nuisance animals. Options include the standard Spray Away - which can be easily attached to your garden hose - and the hose-free, solar-powered Spray Away Elite II — the newest addition to the Spray Away family.


Repelling weasels is easier than you think, when you select Havahart® animal control products to get the job done right. Choose the weasel repellent that best meets your needs, and place your order today!

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