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Rat Repellents

If these highly adaptable, destructive, disease-carrying creatures decide to take up abode inside your home or business, you'll need to take action quickly. Drive rats away and keep them away by using all-natural, highly effective rat control solutions!
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Choose Victor® Rat Repellents as an Alternative to Poisons or Traps

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of handling rat traps or applying poisonous rodenticides inside your home, a Victor® rat repellent can provide the perfect alternative. The Victor® PestChaser® product line consists of ultrasonic repellents that offer a revolutionary approach to rodent control. PestChaser® does not kill rats. Instead, it uses high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves to drive them away and keep them from coming back.


While these ultrasonic frequencies cannot be heard by humans, dogs or cats, they’re highly irritating to rodents and will cause them to flee the scene in a hurry!


PestChaser® Makes Repelling Rats Easy!

PestChaser® is the clean, fast and hassle-free way to repel rats. Simply place the device in an open area in a room where you’ve spotted signs of rodent activity - plug it in to a standard wall outlet and turn it on. PestChaser® emits the ultrasonic waves in varying patterns to prevent rodents from getting used to the sound. You should notice a cessation of rat activity in as little as 7-10 days.


Use Multiple Devices for Enhanced Effectiveness

We recommend placing a PestChaser® ultrasonic rat repellent in multiple rooms throughout your home or place of business for maximum effectiveness. We offer four different models for various room sizes and rodent control requirements.


Chase Rats Away Once and for All

The right repellent for rats can provide a long-lasting rodent control solution without having to resort to chemicals or traps, or bear the expense of a professional exterminator. Win the long-term battle against these disease-carrying pests by placing Victor® PestChaser® ultrasonic rat repellents throughout your home or business. Order yours today!

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