Fox Repellents

The sly, cunning fox can be a formidable adversary for homeowners. They’ll dig up your lawn and flower beds, raid your trash, and generally wreak havoc all across your property. Eliminate the threat posed by foxes by using control solutions from Havahart®!
Critter Ridder® • Deer Off® • Snake Shield™ Natural Animal Repellents Now available through Safer® Brand

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Use Our Motion-Activated Sprinklers to Effectively Repel Foxes

Havahart Spray Away® is a motion-activated sprinkler that serves as an around-the-clock fox repellent on your property. Spray Away® uses sudden bursts of water to frighten the animal away and condition it to stay away from the area.


Connect Spray Away to your water supply (a hose-free solar-powered option is also available) and place it at the edge of your yard, garden or other area where you have noticed signs of fox activity. The built-in infrared sensor detects the approaching fox at a distance of up to 35 feet, and then releases a sudden burst of water that startles the animal, sending it for the hills in a hurry. Spray Away® offers a clean, harmless and effective alternative for repelling foxes and other four-legged nuisance critters.

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