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Groundhogs, Skunks or Rabbits Could Be Causing The Problem.
Here’s Our 3-Step Solution: 

Remove Attractants & Shelter
Groundhogs, skunks, and rabbits are always on the hunt for a place to dig and burrow. To keep these animals from destroying your property, eliminate the elements that attract them.
  • Fill in any abandoned burrows in your yard with gravel, or cover them with mesh fencing
  • Rake up any leaves or grass in which seeds and other food may be buried
  • Close all access to sheds, barns, and poultry houses
Catch & Remove the
Immediate Issue 
The best way to completely remove any of groundhogs, skunks, and rabbits from your property is by using a trap to manually relocate them. An extra-large cage trap works best for catching these animals.
Use Repellents to Make Them
Unwelcome to Return 
Use highly effective electronic repellents to frighten the animals with bursts of water to condition them to stay out of your yard. Electronics are chemical free and can be used to protect pool areas, lawns, structures, mulch beds, and more.
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Your All-in-One Solution

Multi-Animal Removal Kit Remove the animal from your yard, and prevent them from coming back with just one purchase. This all-in-one bundle was specifically created for removing and repelling groundhogs, skunks, and rabbits from your property. First, trap the animals using an extra-large cage trap, and then keep them from returning with the Critter Ridder® Motion-Activated Animal Repellent & Sprinkler. Shop Kit »

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