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Listed below are useful resources for a variety of animal and gardening needs.


Critter Control

Foxes are notorious backyard nuisances -- 

A place where employers and job seekers can connect. All jobs listed on this site involve animals.

Assateague Island -- 

Assateague Island is where the wild ponies travel the beach near Ocean City and Chincoteague. Enjoy birdwatching, ecotourism, fishing, camping, birding, wild horses, lodging, nature tours, and more on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. 

Center for Wildlife Damage Control -- 

Great resource for homeowners! This site helps identify animals and give solutions and control options to common wildlife problems. It also offers many stories of animals "in the news"! 

EcoVitality -- 

EcoVitality is a non-profit, tax-exempt NGO set up to protect  ecosystems and wildlife in developing nations, where much of the world's remaining biodiversity is located. EcoVitality is now offering outstanding African wildlife safaris to fund a program protecting lions in Namibia.

Bringing nature to life! The complete guide to over 480 North American Plants and Animals.

United States Fish & Wildlife Site -- 

Find information about the wildlife programs in your area.  Keep up to date with climate, endangered species, non-profit organizations and more regarding wildlife.

Wildlife -- 

Learn about wildlife and rehabilitation for injured animals.  Found an animal?  Find a Rehabber!


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Feral Cats

Feral cats enjoy wreaking havoc on lawns and gardens

Alley Cat Allies -- 

As the foremost experts on feral cats, Alley Cat Allies serves as a clearinghouse of information for caretakers, veterinarians, policymakers, the media, and many others.

Amby's Feral Cat Information -- 

This site discusses feral cats, orphaned kitten care, rehabilitation & taming, spray-neuter, and trap-alter-return. 

Angel Animals -- 

Allen and Linda Anderson are the co-founders of the Angel Animals® Foundation. They've discovered fascinating reasons why millions view animals as angels.

Felines & Friends -- 

Information on adoption, a gallery, success stories, articles, and a great sense of community. 

Feral Cat Coalition -- 

This organization has been created to educate and make a difference in the amount of stray cats within communities

MEOW, Inc. -- 

MEOW, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill, tax-exempt animal welfare organization founded in 1984.  Contact them for adoptions and other rescue information.

Shadeaux's Hideybox -- 

The story of a black stray cat who found a loving owner.  Also includes links to stray cat causes.


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Groundhogs dig and tunnel and destroy gardens in no time at all

California Garden Clubs -- 

The online home of 20,000 dedicated California garden enthusiasts. This site is dedicated to California gardening and gardeners. It is the home of California Garden Clubs, Inc., the statewide federation of garden clubs and plant societies.

Garden Mart -- 

A list of over 50,000 lawn and garden services and retailers for your reference. Their database contains over 12,000 commercial growers of green goods in the United States, and over 5,000 individual plant information.

GardenWeb -- 

The internet's largest home and garden community.  Includes forums, galleries, tools and more.

Organic Gardening -- 

This magazine now has its own web site.  Download a free screensaver, post to the message boards, or subscribe to the magazine. 

SaferBrand -- 

Get great tips on organic gardening, insect control and more.  Read articles, expert advice and shop organic products.


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Squirrels are notorious yard nuisance animals

Orlando Wildlife Patrol -- 

Central Florida based company specialized in wildlife removal and exclusion practices for both residential and commercial clients. Find great info and tips related to animal control. 

Squirrel Wildlife Rehabilitation -- 

Found an orphaned squirrel? This site provides emergency care information and can help you locate a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area.


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