Natural Animal Repellents

Havahart®, the leader in caring animal control products since 1940, offers homeowners with multiple options for humanely dealing with pest animals. Natural animal repellents and sprays will drive animals away without having to trap and relocate them.

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Havahart® Repelling Products are Backed by More than 70 Years of Experience and Research

Havahart® focuses on delivering the most effective, efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly products, and with over 70 years of expert studies and innovation, Havahart® continues to develop its products to make the best animal repellents even better. That’s why Havahart® products are used by animal control professionals, gardeners, farmers, and homeowners everywhere. At, you’ll find some of the best deer repellents, best dog and cat repellents, best squirrel repellents, and more, all at affordable prices.


Havahart® Animal Repellents are Effective, Long-Lasting & Easy to Use

Havahart® repellents are made with natural ingredients that have been tested and proven to deter animals by affecting their keen senses of scent and/or taste. Havahart® deer repellents are their longest lasting repellents, lasting up to 3 months without the need to reapply. All Havahart® animal repellents last up to 30 to 90 days, allowing you to apply repellents less frequently, and making it easier for you to enjoy your yard and garden without worrying about wild animal damage. Plus, repellent sprays and granules are easy to use – just spray or sprinkle thoroughly for the best protection against wild animals.


Satisfaction Guaranteed - Havahart® Repellent Reviews Say it All

Havahart® confidently guarantees your satisfaction with a money-back guarantee. As you’ll see in our repellent reviews, our loyal customers love Havahart® animal deterrents, and you will too.


Now Offering the Most Effective Snake Repellent on the Market

Havahart® strives to offer only the most effective animal repellents, and as such has added Dr. T’s® Snake-A-Way® to its selection of repellents for sale. This unique snake repelling formula has a record-breaking 91% repellency rate against venomous snakes, like rattlesnakes, as well as non-venomous snakes. The addition of Dr. T’s® snake repellents and mosquito repellents, as well as Sweeney’s® mole repellents, brings one step closer to being a one-stop shop for all garden pest repelling needs.


Take Your Animal Repellent Regimen a Step Further with an Electronic Animal Repellent by Havahart®

Havahart® is the leader in innovation in animal repellents and is one of the first manufacturers to offer cutting-edge electronic solutions like motion-activated sprinklers and other electronic repelling devices. Use an electronic solution on top of your animal repellent sprays and granules for total yard protection.