Havahart® Spray Away Hydro-Remote Animal Repellent Sprinkler

Model #: 5267

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  • Remote-control features can be used up to 100 feet away from unit
  • Dual purpose motion-activated sprinkler designed to protect yard from nuisance animals OR water your garden
  • Watering feature can be set to 15, 30, or 60 minute timer
  • Infrared sensor detects animal’s heat & movement activating sprinkler
  • Protects up to 1,900 square feet of gardens, yards and ponds
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Model #5267

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Havahart® Hydro-Remote: A Remote-Controlled Sprinkler and Animal Repellent in One

Defend your garden from passing deer, birds, rabbits and more with Havahart® Spray Away Hydro-Remote - an efficient electronic repelling device that effectively frightens critters away with startling bursts of water, protecting an area of 1,900 square feet. The newest generation of Havahart® Spray Away motion-activated sprinkler repellents can be switched to Sprinkler mode, allowing you to hydrate your lawn at 15, 30 or 60 minute increments.

Patrols the Animals in Your Yard 24/7

Spray Away’s full-size infrared sensor seeks animal movement day and night, constantly patrolling your yard for intruders. Each and every time that it detects a passing animal, Spray Away releases a startling surge of water to scare it away. This persistent pattern conditions potentially destructive critters to avoid your property, keeping your gardens, ponds and home safe.

Effortless, Simplified Sight Settings

In addition to the timed Sprinkler settings, the Havahart® Spray Away Hyrdo-Remote has 3 sensitivity settings on the remote control: High, Medium and Low. Use these settings to determine how far and what size critters you want your Spray Away to see. Operate your unit by remote control from over 100 feet away!

Quick and Easy Setup

Simply hand-tighten the sprinkler head onto the unit and sync it up to your remote control. Then, stake the Spray Away Hyrdo-Remote unit into the ground at the angle desired according to the type of animal you wish to repel. Finally, attach a garden hose and test to make sure the sensor detects at your selected range.

Smart LED Indicator Light Eliminates Any Guesswork

An LED indicator light illuminates every time Spray Away detects movement, allowing you to test the detection distance without turning on your water source (and getting wet). What’s more, it tells you from a distance when your battery is running low, so you never have to guess when it’s time to replace it.

A Safer Alternative to Traditional Chemical Repellents

This motion-detector sprinkler repels using only water, making it environmentally friendly and great for your lawn. Not only is a water sprinkler repellent safer than applying chemical repellents, but it's also more efficient and economical, as there is no need for continuous re-application.

2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Your Spray Away motion activated sprinkler unit is covered under a 2-year warranty. If for any reason you have any issues with your Spray Away during that time, please call us at (855) 542-8242 so we can assist you.


Havahart® Spray Away Hydro-Remote Animal Repellent Sprinkler Specs

Product Features:

  • Senses up to 1,900 square feet of gardens, yards and ponds
  • Infrared Technology
  • Sleek design and remote-controlled features

What's in the Box:

  • 1 Sprinkler Main Unit
  • 2 Hose connections
  • 1 Step-in stake
  • 1 user manual


  • Dimensions: 10.9" x 5.4" x 9"
  • Weight: 1.95 lb

  Spray Away 2.0
Havahart® Spray Away

traditional hose connection
Spray Away Elite II
Spray Away
traditional hose connection
Spray Away Elite II
Spray Away Elite II
hose-free and solar powered
Remote Control Capabilites Sprinkler Option  
Hose-Free Design    
Adjustable Sensitivity Settings
Adjustable Spray Distance
Small Animals - Lean 5° Forward
Large Animals - Lean 5° Back
Small Animals - Lean 5° Forward
Large Animals - Lean 5° Back
LED Light Movement Detection
Smart Warning System Low Battery Low Battery Low Battery / Low Water
Power Source 6 AA Batteries
(4 unit, 2 remote)
(not included)
9V Battery Solar-Powered
Spray Capacity Unlimited
best for high animal activity
35 per Basin
up to moderate animal activity
Coverage Area 1,900 sq. ft. 1,200 sq. ft. 650 sq. ft.
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
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Q.Assuming reasonable water pressure, how far will the spray project?

The sprayer can detect movement at a max distance of 35 feet. The distance in which it will spray will vary depending on the water pressure. For best results, we recommend a water pressure between 30-80 PSI.

Q.Will the unit still work if I run the hose end into a pail of water as opposed to connecting it to a hose?

The hose must be connected directly to the unit in order for it to function.

Q.What troubleshooting steps/actions can I take to determine why the sprinkler will not consistently function? When I turn the water on and move the switch to the sprinkler function, nothing happens. If I loosen the cap for additional connections to the point of a steady drip, the sprinkler starts working. If I retighten the cap, and try to use the sprinkler again (sprinkler or motion mode), nothing happens. I've cleaned the screens and checked the tubes for obstructions. I was not able to locate troubleshooting guidance for this problem. Please assist. Thank you.

Our Consumer Relations Team may be reached at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for troubleshooting assistance and to determine whether a trap or repellent is functioning properly. We look forward to helping you.

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