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Skunk Baits

Once you find the best trap for your skunk problem, you must identify the perfect bait for your trap. Learn about suggested baits and other trapping tips below.

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Suggested Skunk Baits

Do you have a live skunk trap and need to know the best options for skunk bait? Havahart® recommends the following baits to attract skunks: chicken entrails, cracknels, canned fish, fresh-insect larvae (for example: may beetles), crisp bacon, cat food or bread with peanut butter.

Use a small plate to place the skunk bait at the end of the live skunk trap.


Ultimate Skunk Protection

Now that you’ve trapped your skunk, use a repellent to stop them from coming back. Using a combination of Havahart® traps and repellents gives you the MAXIMUM protection you need to keep your yard free of animal intruders!

Critter Ridder® animal repellent has dual application methods - liquid and granular - to give multi-surface or perimeter barrier protection.


Learn How to Bait

Watch Billy Bretherton from "The Exterminator" a Wednesday evening show on A&E as he explains Havhart® traps and how to bait them.

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