Raccoon Baits

Sweet foods and fatty meats are some of the best baits to place in a live trap when you want to lure a raccoon inside. Below, the experts at Havahart® share their top baiting suggestions as well as other raccoon baiting tips.

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Best Raccoon Baits

Raccoons are opportunistic eaters known to dine on a variety of foods, but they favor those high in fat or sugar. Sugary foods are the best to use in a live raccoon trap, because they target raccoons without attracting other unwanted wildlife.

Favorite raccoon baits include:


How to Bait a Raccoon Trap

Selecting a raccoon bait is only the first step in catching a raccoon. Placing your bait is critical, and just as important as the type of bait you use.

The best bait placement will:

Force the raccoon to fully enter the trap (body and tail).

Encourage the raccoon to engage the trigger (step on the metal plate).

Take into consideration the trap type (1 vs. 2-door):

1-DOOR TRAP - Position bait at END

For a 1-door trap, place the bait behind the trigger plate. Ensure bait is placed away from the trap walls so the raccoon cannot steal the bait from the outside.

2-DOOR TRAP - Position bait at CENTER

For a 2-door trap, you have several options: you can place the bait just behind the trigger, bury it in the ground underneath the trigger plate/trap or hang it from the top of your trap.