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Rabbit Traps

If you have just about any type of garden in your backyard, hungry rabbits can pose a constant threat to your flowers, plants and vegetables. Live rabbit traps can help you thwart a bunny invasion so you can take back your property from these destructive critters!
  • Havahart® Medium 2-Door Easy Set® Trap



  • Havahart® Small 1-Door Trap



  • Havahart® Medium 1-Door Trap



  • Havahart® Small 1-Door Easy Set® Trap



  • Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap



  • Havahart® Medium 1-Door Collapsible Trap



  • Havahart® Medium 1-Door Collapsible Easy Set® Trap



Mount an Effective Defense with Humane Traps by Havahart®

Remove unwanted rabbits the most humane way! Havahart®, a leading manufacturer of caring animal control products for more than 60 years, offers a wide selection of 1-door, 2-door and collapsible bunny traps that simplify the process of capturing rogue rabbits on your property. Our traps aren’t just effective – they also allow you to trap rabbits humanely. You’ll get a live rabbit trap that’s easy to use, even if you’ve never attempted to trap a critter before.


Put a Havahart® Easy Set® Rabbit Trap to Work for You

A great example of trapping simplicity and efficiency at its best is our latest innovation, the Havahart® Easy Set® trap. A popular choice among animal control experts, this effective and humane rabbit trap features the Easy Set® lever that allows you to set and release with only one hand. Simply bait the trap, pull back the lever and place it on a flat surface near where you’ve seen signs of rabbit activity. The handle on top makes it easy to transport the captured rabbit to an appropriate area for release back into the wild. (Be sure to check with your state game commission or local humane society for regulations regarding the relocation of wild animals in your area.) You also have the benefit of being able to stand behind the trap during the release for additional protection.


View All of Our Humane Rabbit Traps for Sale

Havahart® live animal traps are sized for different animal targets. Find below our Havahart® rabbit traps and choose the one that best meets your needs!