Squirrel Repellents

Do you need to repel squirrels and stop them from destroying your property? You don’t have to battle these cute but destructive creatures on your own! Havahart® offers effective squirrel deterrents that can eliminate your squirrel problem once and for all!
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Choose the Squirrel Repellent Product That Best Meets Your Needs

Repel pesky squirrels today with the following Havahart® squirrel repellents:


Havahart Spray Away®

Havahart Spray Away® is a motion-activated sprinkler device equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the presence of an approaching squirrel. Upon detection, the device immediately unleashes a burst of water that startles the animal and causes it to run away. Simply attach Havahart Spray Away® 2.0 to your water supply, and place it along the path where squirrels travel. Havahart Spray Away® not only serves as an excellent squirrel repellent; it also deters raccoons, deer, skunks, cats and virtually any critter that threatens your property. For hose-free squirrel repelling, try Havahart Spray Away® Elite II - a solar-powered device that offers maximum portability.


Critter Ridder®

Critter Ridder® is a squirrel repellent containing a patented formula consisting of powerful pepper-based ingredients impact the animal’s senses of taste and smell, producing an effect that’s similar to biting into a red-hot jalapeño pepper. The unpleasant sensation drives the animal away and makes it think twice about making a return visit! Critter Ridder® is available in a ready-to-use spray for direct application on shrubs, plants and other areas, and as granules to create a squirrel-deterring perimeter around your property. For best results, try the Critter Ridder® Dual Area Protection Bundle, which offers both product versions for all-around squirrel repellent protection!


Critter Ridder® with NitroPlus®

It’s a squirrel repellent and a fertilizer in one convenient spray! On top of repelling squirrels by smell and taste like original Critter Ridder®, Critter Ridder® with NitroPlus® also nourishes your lawn using plant food ingredients found in traditional lawn and garden fertilizers. Just connect a garden hose to the bottle to mix and spray the solution across all of the vegetation you want to treat. Repel squirrels while promoting greener plant growth with Havahart® Critter Ridder® with NitroPlus®.


Learn More About Havahart® Squirrel Repellants

To learn more about our animal repellers or to place an order, click on the individual product descriptions above. Using a humane Havahart® animal repellent for squirrels is the best way to keep these problem critters away!