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Motion Detector Sprinkler: Animal Sensor Activated Deterrent
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Spray Away by Havahart®

Keep animals away from your yard with the Havahart® Spray Away motion detector sprinkler. This motion sensor sprinkler is an innovative way of preventing the damage in your lawn or garden from animals.

The motion-activated sprinkler system sprays random bursts of water when motion is detected in your lawn or garden. Spray Away motion detector sprinkler water repellent chases away animals and birds from gardens, landscapes and yards.

A Motion Sensor Sprayer Triggered by Heat and Movement = An Accurate and Effective Animal Detector

Havahart® Spray Away senses the presence of a wide range of animals – including deer, dogs, raccoons, rabbits, skunks, cats, squirrels, birds and rodents – that can cause extreme damage to your yard. This motion detector sprinkler works hard to fend off animals before damage is inflicted. Spray Away motion detector sprinkler is a safe alternative to animal repellents made with toxic chemicals, plus it's eco-friendly, so you have no need to be concerned about harming the environment, your family or the animals!

Motion-Activated Animal Repellent Offering Around the Clock Protection

The Spray Away animal repellent sprinkler provides you with 24-hour-a-day protection against nuisance animals. Whether you use it as a deer repellent sprinkler, a bird spray repellent or as a deterrent against any other type of problem critter, you can enjoy the convenience of an automatic animal control solution.

Why Bother Building a Fence?

Protect your lawn and garden without sacrificing appeal with a motion detector sprinkler. Large fences distract from the hard work you put into the upkeep of your lawn; an electronic motion sensor sprinkler is a great alternative. A motion-activated water sprayer can also save you the time and expense that building a fence requires.

Take a Closer Look at the Entire Spray Away Motion Detector Water Sprinkler Family

To learn more about the Spray Away motion-activated sprinkler product family, browse the individual product descriptions found below. And be sure to check out the newest motion sprinkler, Havahart Spray Away® Elite II, a solar-powered sprayer that offers the flexibility of hose-free operation.


Feel confident that your yard will be protected from animal damage with our Spray Away motion detector sprinkler from Havahart®.

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Protects up to 3,800 sq. ft.
$140  $119.99 Sale
Protects up to 1,900 sq. ft.
Protects up to 1,900 sq. ft.
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