Natural Snake Repellents

The sight of a snake slithering across a yard - or worse, inside a house - is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many homeowners. If you have a snake problem, grab repellent products from Dr. T’s® and Havahart® to provide a fast and effective snake control solution!

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How Do Havahart® Snake Repellents Work?

Snakes possess a group of sensory receptors known as the Jacobson’s organ, which they use to detect chemical stimuli in the environment. When a snake flicks its tongue, it is actually sending information to the Jacobson’s organ - an action akin to humans and other mammals using their noses to detect scents. Dr. T’s® Snake-A-Way® and Havahart® Snake Shield™ are both specially formulated to disrupt the function of the Jacobson’s organ, causing the snake to slither away and seek a different environment.


Dr. T’s® Snake-A-Way®: The Best-Selling Snake Repellent in the United States!

Havahart® is proud to offer the best-selling snake repellent – Dr. T’® Snake-A-Way. Snake-A-Way® is a snake repellent that is proven to be effective, with a repellency rate of over 91%. The granular formula makes it easy to apply – just spread the granules to form a perimeter around the desired area. Most users experience favorable results immediately after the initial application, and one application lasts up to three months.


Havahart® Snake Shield™: A Natural Snake Repelling Formula

Looking for a natural snake repellent? Havahart® Snake Shield™ is a granular formula that targets a snake’s Jacobsen’s organ using natural ingredients. Snake Shield™ goes to work immediately after it’s applied and it’s long lasting. What’s more, it’s a great choice for homes with families and pets, because it’s safe to use when applied as directed.


Choose the Snake Repellent Product That Best Meets Your Needs

Snake Shield™ and Snake-A-Way® granules come in a variety of package sizes to cover areas as small as one acre or as large as 219 acres. You’ll be able to effectively repel snakes in a small yard, or even a large farm or expansive commercial property. Don’t let snakes overtake your property or make you afraid to go to sleep at night. Deter snakes the effective way with the help of Havahart® and Dr. T’s Nature Products® Snake Repellents!