Skunk Repellents

The key tip for driving skunks away from your property is this: Don’t surprise them, because if you do you’ll pay for it! Havahart® offers a variety of skunk repellent solutions that push skunks away without trapping them or causing them to panic in the process.

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Critter Ridder®: Havahart®’s Original Skunk Repellent

Critter Ridder®, available in granular and ready-to-use spray formulas, contains pepper-based ingredients that together act as a powerful skunk deterrent. When the skunk touches, tastes or smells Critter Ridder®, it experiences an extremely unpleasant burning sensation that drives it away and keeps it from coming back. While Critter Ridder® is a highly effective skunk repellent, its scent is not offensive to people.


Repel and Restore with Critter Ridder® with NitroPlus®

Now you can promote a greener, healthier lawn and garden with the same product you use to repel skunks. In addition to skunk-repelling ingredients, Critter Ridder® with NitroPlus® contains added plant food ingredients that work to revitalize your landscape – making it a fertilizer and skunk repellent in one. Simply attach the easy-to-use spray bottle to your garden hose and turn on to apply this double-duty formula to all areas you want to protect and restore.


Repel Skunks With Havahart Spray Away®

Havahart Spray Away® is a motion-activated sprinkler device that deters skunks from entering your property. Simply connect it to your water supply, and place it along the path where you see droppings, tracks or other signs of animal activity. When the skunk attempts to visit the area, the impulse sprinkler’s built-in infrared sensor detects the motion and activates, producing a sudden burst of water that acts as a natural skunk repellent, frightening the animal and causing it to flee. Havahart Spray Away® gives you effective 24-hour-a-day skunk protection. It’s also an eco-friendly skunk repellent solution, as it uses only 2-3 cups of water per spray!


For hose-free skunk repelling, try the latest addition to the Spray Away family, Havahart Spray Away® Elite II. This solar-powered, portable device gives you the flexibility to repel skunks anywhere on your property!


Havahart® has the Best Skunk Repellant Products to Rid Your Property of These Nuisance Critters

To learn more about Havahart’s® effective skunk solutions and to place your order, click on the individual product descriptions below. You don’t have to put up with a skunk invasion on your property. Keep skunks off your yard with Havahart® skunk repellents!