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Deer Repellents

While deer may appear to be dainty, harmless creatures, they can do plenty of damage to your property. Hungry deer can wipe out foliage, crops, flowers and plants in short order. Deter these beautiful but destructive critters with the help of a deer repellent!
  • All Sizes Available
    Deer Off® Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

    Deer Off® Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

    Starting at $27.00
  • All Sizes Available
    Deer Off® Deer & Rabbit Repellent - Ready To Use Spray

    Deer Off® Deer & Rabbit Repellent - Ready To Use Spray

    Starting at $11.00
  • Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent With NitroPlus™ - 32 oz

  • Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent



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    Spray Away Elite II - Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2 Pack

    Spray Away Elite II - Motion Activated Sprinkler - 2 Pack



  • Havahart Spray Away® 2.0 - Motion Activated Sprinkler


Get Rid of Deer the Humane Way with Havahart® Deer Repellents

Repel unwanted deer with a Havahart® deer repellent. Our deer repellent products allow you to get rid of these nuisance pests quickly and humanely, and they’re also easy to use. Our deer deterrents can eliminate the need to build unsightly fences or use chemical pesticides.


Choose From a Wide Range of Solutions

We offer a variety of deer repellent solutions that will help you prevent deer damage. Try our electronic deterrents or our natural repellents - all of which are approved for organic gardening! The Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent posts work by delivering a mild electric shock to the animal if it comes too close to a designated area. The shock doesn’t harm the deer, but it effectively deters it and conditions it to stay away from the area. Another electronic deer repellent option is a motion-activated sprinkler, which uses a sudden burst of water combined with the sound and movement of a sprinkler to startle the animal and frighten it away. A natural deer repellent like this one impacts the animal’s keen sense of taste and smell, making your plants and vegetables much less appetizing and causing the deer to look for a different food source.


Regardless of which type of product you prefer, you will benefit from an deer repellent solution that is approved for organic gardening and provides long-lasting protection for your property!


Browse Our Selection of Deer Repellents Below

Learn more about our entire family of deer repellent products by reviewing the individual product descriptions below, and choose the best deer deterrent for your needs. Don’t let intrusive deer take over your property!