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Vole Traps

Voles are voracious eaters that will consume everything from grasses and bark to flowers and seeds. Vole burrowing can also cause extensive damage to lawns. A Havahart® live trap can be an extremely effective method of vole control!

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    Havahart® X-Small 2-Door Trap

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Eliminate Your Vole Problem with an Extra-Small Havahart® Vole Trap

The Havahart® X-Small 2-Door Trap is the ideal size for trapping voles! The two gravity-action doors are designed for attracting and capturing voles from two different directions. When an inquisitive critter ventures inside the vole trap, the sensitive trigger ensures a quick, secure and harmless catch.


The small mesh openings are specifically designed to minimize occurrences of stolen bait and prevent escapes. Smooth internal edges keep the frantic critter from harming itself as it struggles to find its way to freedom. A 1-door extra-small vole trap model is also available.


Our Extra-Small Traps for Voles Are Made From Top-Quality Materials

Our extra-small vole traps are designed with quality and safety in mind. Traps are made in the USA from sturdy, rust-resistant galvanized steel mesh, ensuring maximum longevity in all types of weather conditions. There’s also a solid door and hand guard to protect you as you transport the trap after the capture. All Havahart® traps are backed by a 1-year warranty for your protection and peace of mind.


Save Money by Purchasing Our Vole Traps in Sets

If you have spotted one vole on your property, there’s a good chance that many more are nearby! By purchasing our extra-small traps in sets, you can effectively trap voles in large quantities while getting the most value for your pest control dollar. Purchase two extra-small 1-door traps or two extra-small 2-door traps and get a third for free.


Don’t Let Voles Overrun Your Property: Use Havahart® Traps to Eliminate Them Once and for All

You don’t have to put up with nuisance voles digging up your lawn or invading your garden. Fight back against these relentless pests by placing natural and effective Havahart® vole traps around your property. Place your order right here at our online store today!

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