Humane Raccoon Traps

Tired of raccoons raiding your trash, uprooting your garden and tormenting your family pets? Raccoons are persistent creatures that can be hard to get rid of once they arrive. Don’t put up with the mess - remove unwanted raccoons the humane and effective way with a live cage trap from Havahart®!

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Don’t let raccoons turn your property into their personal playground and dining room. Put our humane raccoon traps to work! If you’re a novice trapper, don’t worry, our traps are designed for easy use by any experience level. Want to know more about how to use our traps as well as what to do with your catch? Browse these popular articles related to raccoon trapping!

  • How to Trap Raccoons — Trapping is a humane way to rid your property of destructive raccoons. Check out our convenient step-by-step guide to learn how to effectively trap the raccoons plaguing your home.
  • Understanding Raccoon Baits — One of the most important aspects of trapping is the bait you choose. Learn which baits are best for luring raccoons as well as how to place them for the best results.
  • Getting Rid of Raccoons Humanely — Raccoons are no doubt one of the most bothersome critters in every corner of the United States. Learn the best methods for getting rid of these sneaky bandits.
  • How to Remove Raccoons from Your Attic — Has your raccoon problem gone to the next level and they’ve now entered your home? You’re not the first! Check out this story from one customer who caught raccoons in the attic.
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