Humane Dog Traps

Stray dogs can cause a variety of issues for property owners, including digging up yards and gardens, and posing potential threats to family pets and small children. A live dog trap is a safe and effective way to remove them. Humane dog traps from Havahart® are easy to use and ensure safety for everyone involved.

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A humane dog trap can alleviate your canine problem quickly and efficiently, even if you’ve never tried to trap an animal before! Havahart® traps eliminate the chances of escape as well as the possibility of an animal harming you or someone nearby. Live traps are useful for rescuing strays as well as reuniting lost canines with their owners. Check out a few of our suggested articles to become a trapping expert in no time!

  • How to Trap Stray Dogs — Read this helpful how-to guide to learn about humanely trapping a dog quickly, safely and easily. In addition, we’ll provide advice on what to do after you’ve caught the dog.
  • Tips for Keeping Dogs Off of Your Lawn — Not sure where to start? This article offers plenty of great solutions for keeping strays and neighborhood pets out of your yard and away from your lawn and gardens.
  • How to Bait a Dog Trap — As with any trap, finding the right bait is an important step of the process. Learn which baits are best for tempting canines as well as how to place it inside your trap.
  • Getting Rid of Dogs Humanely — Even when you’re frustrated, it’s important to be compassionate when attempting to keep your property dog-free. Find out how to handle your nuisance dog problem humanely.
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