Raccon Repellents

Have you ever awakened to the sound of toppling trashcans or garbage strewn across your lawn? Chances are you have experienced a raccoon invasion! This problem calls for an effective raccoon repellent to drive them away! Havahart® offers granular, spray and electronic methods so you can find the right solution for you.
Critter Ridder® • Deer Off® • Snake Shield™ Natural Animal Repellents Now available through Safer® Brand

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Are destructive raccoons getting you down? Raccoon repellents are an effective and humane way to keep them away from protected areas. Check out a few of our popular articles to find the best repellent methods for your needs as well as how to put a repelling strategy in place.

  • How to Repel Raccoons — Do you need to develop a raccoon-repelling plan for your property? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the basics and help you choose the best repellent for your needs.
  • Getting Rid of Raccoons with Repellents — Raccoons are destructive and frustrating for property owners nationwide. Learn the best methods for getting rid of these sneaky bandits in this helpful article.
  • Interesting Raccoon Facts — Though they may be frequent guests in your yard, you may not know much about these masked critters. Get to know raccoon habits and preferences so you can have the upper hand.
  • The Dangers of Feeding Raccoons — You may think there’s no harm to feeding the raccoons around your home, but you could just be inviting more trouble. Find out the dangers of raccoon feeding in this article.
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