Natural Rabbit Repellents

Wild rabbits have voracious appetites and they can destroy your garden or flowerbeds. If you notice signs of a rabbit problem, act quickly before they devour every bit of green you planted. Remember, you can deter unwanted rabbits with a Havahart® rabbit repellent!
Critter Ridder® • Deer Off® • Snake Shield™ Natural Animal Repellents Now available through Safer® Brand

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Tips And Ideas For Using Natural Rabbit Repellents

Havahart® is ready to help you with your rabbit problem, and knowing your enemy is the first step! These articles are meant to guide you in your battle against rabbits:

To help you deal with the rabbits and other pest animals in your yard or garden, Havahart® offers a rewards program, which helps you by earning money back with every purchase. Between Havahart® Rewards and the savings available through the Havahart® eNewsletter, you’ll be ready to take on any rabbit!

You could also try another approach: Trap rabbit pests instead of repelling them!

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